The Tarot 411 Project

In late February 2018, I flew to New York City and had the glorious opportunity to meet up with my tarot idol, Lindsay Mack. If you're unfamiliar with her work, check it out here immediately, I beg of you! While chatting away for her Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast, we both commented on the lack of tarot readers in particular cities around the United States. Surely there must be tarot readers in Chicago and Washington D.C, we both thought. It was then the idea of a tarot directory of sorts was joked about and floated around. 

So what do you have envisioned?

Essentially, it will be a collection of names, cities, Instagram handles, etc. of tarot readers around the United States all gathered in one place. Depending on the number of entries I get, it may take the form of a pamphlet or booklet that I can ship out to witchy shops or other businesses of interest. Because I would love for it to be a one stop resource for those searching for a reader (or for those that don't want to purchase a physical copy), a website might be created as well. I'm hoping this will be up and running by late 2018.

Again, why are you doing this?

Not only do I want this to be a handy resource for those looking to find a reader, I also want this to be a promotional tool for tarot readers themselves. As someone with their own personal website and Instagram account, it's a constant headache to deal with social media algorithms. Add to that always wondering if your content is being seen and website being found and it can be beyond stressful. How lovely would it be for a local shop in your area to have a list of all the readers in that city? How awesome would it be for someone that's going on vacation to take a peek under your city's name and find your information there? How helpful and uplifting would it be for me or another reader to point out all the incredible readers there are in _______? Also, if you don't have the money for a personal website, this will be a free resource to get your name out there!

Now what?

Email me the following information at

**I will send a confirmation email so be on the lookout. If you don't receive one from me right off the bat, double check you sent it off to the right address.**

Your name and business name (if you have one)

Social media handles: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

Address of your personal website

Your phone number or email address (if you're comfortable)

City, State of where you reside

Are readings done out of your home, studio, or nearby witchy shop?

Do you do distance readings? Emailed?

Do you do readings for money? Up for trades? Offer sliding scale?

If you'd like, please attach a decent quality picture of yourself with your deck, in the midst of a reading, at an event, etc. If this gets to be a reasonable size, I'd love to incorporate some images. 


If you like the goal of this project, please share with other readers!