Tarot School @ The Future

Wednesdays beginning 2/20 thru 3/20 from 6:30 - 8:30PM

Are you someone that has always been intrigued by tarot but has no damn clue where and how to get started? Tarot newbie that feels they would benefit in a classroom setting where an outline and assignments are laid out for you? Want to jump-start your own tarot journey? Been a bit since you’ve delved in and need a thorough refresher?

In this totally-new beginner’s five part series, I will teach and guide you through all 78 cards of a tarot deck. Students will come together weekly to learn about the basic structure of a deck, the archetypes attributed to the Majors, the just as powerful meanings assigned to Minors, the sometimes challenging energy of our beloved Court Cards, and how to build up one’s intuition so you may read for yourself (and others when the time comes) with more ease and clarity. And oh, you’ll also conduct readings for yourself and other class participants!

Included with the exchange is a tarot workbook, daily tarot homework to do at one’s own pace outside of class, a spread for each week, a list of helpful outside resources and references, the ability to email me with any and all questions relating to your tarot journey during the length of the course, and endless pop culture and personal references to boot. In terms of what you’ll need for this class, the usual writing tools and additional paper as well as a 78 card tarot deck will do the trick.

To note, this series isn’t for those that are unwilling to participate in a group setting, are looking for a quick and easy How-To guide to tarot, wish to obtain certification or the like upon completion, or feel one series such as this will instantly make them into a tarot reading professional.

Exchange: $200

*A discount is available for members of historically marginalized communities (LGBTQIA+, POC, immigrants, Indigenous folks)

To sign up, please head HERE!