Hello y'all. I'm Nicole, a Twin Cities-based (St. Paul to be exact) queer tarot reader and Reiki 1 healer who also has an interest in astrology, aura photographs, and crystals

In the nearly four years I've been immersed in tarot, I've gone from simply playing around with a deck I felt compelled to buy (at a Appleton, WI shop called Windows of Light, Angels Forever) to:

-creating my own Instagram account so that others may witness my journey, where I've since obtained a respectable and supportive following

-becoming a graduate of the first Brooklyn Fools Online Course

-holding tarot social hours and workshops out of my home

-writing a Monthly Medicine column for Of the Wolves as well as one for the Minneapolis-based Moon Sisters

-reading at The Future in South Minneapolis on a monthly basis, as well at holiday markets, queer dance parties, and private events

-completing a fabulous online course by tarot goddess Lindsay Mack

-offering in-person, Skype, and emailed readings on the regular